Factory Launch Event Organized By Mascot Event

Mascot Event created one more memorable experience with JCB, and bang back in Event Industry in 2021. this was a huge event and Professionally organize by us.  In which we followed all the COVID Protocol guidelines such as:

  1. Covid Rapid Test.
  2. Maintaining Social Distance.
  3. Everyone Wear a mask.
  4. Use Hand Sanitizer.
  5. Maintain Social Distance.

This was a corporate meeting and a Factory Launch event. A lot of activities organized during this meeting by mascot event in which all higher authorities and clients of JCB are participated and enjoy every bit of Activity.

Factory Launch Entry

Check some of the moment of the Event

Hand Sanitizing

we ensure that every guest who is attending the factory launch event must be properly sanitize their hand.  so in factory no virus should be spread



Hawan Setup

Stage Setup for Hawan in such a way that every body can properly watch the event, and enjoy every bit of it



Seating arrangement of Guest

We arrange a proper seating arrangement so everybody who attended the factory launch event freely enjoy it, and also we kept the social distancing in the sitting arrangement also.



Seating arrangement for vip guest

We also take care of all the attendees  of the event and maintain Proper arrangement of VIP Guest



Tree planting Activity

There are lots of activity in this event one of them is to plant a tree with your name which became memorable for everyone forever



We  maintain the food court area in a beautiful way therefore every guest can properly sit on their table and enjoy the food



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